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Adopt a trap

Glenfern Sanctuary is responsible for the pest management for the Kotuku Peninsula. 

Adopt a Trap Glenfern

We have a network of over 800 rat traps along more the 40 kms of trap lines. Keeping rat numbers down is important in order to protect the wonderful biodiversity and threatened species that call Kotuku Peninsula and Glenfern Sanctuary home. 

By adopting a trap you are helping us fund the costs involved in maintaining this network, from the comfort of your own home!​

For an annual subscription of


you will receive confirmation, you will get to name your trap and we will send you regular updates about your trapping data.

This is a popular gift idea for those that have a passion for conservation and a great way to get involved in saving our endangered species.

If you would like to adopt a trap, click on the interactive map below. The animated blue circles indicate traps that have already been adopted (you can click on these to see their adopted names), and the other coloured circles represent trap areas. By zooming in and out around the different coloured circles you will get a feel for the number of traps in each area and the species they protect. 

Once you have chosen the trap you would like to adopt simply select 'click-here-to-continue' to bring up the Adopt a Trap form where you can enter your details and complete the process.

Adoptatrap Legend.png

Zoom in to find your trap

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