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General information

As a nature park we strive to have as little effect on the environment as possible. Aotea / Great Barrier is a small island with a low number of permanent residents.

Due to the isolation we don’t always have the same facilities as you might find on the mainland, so we ask that you be mindful during your stay.

General Services / Information for the Accommodation

No reticulated power

Aotea / Great Barrier Island is off the grid and all homes rely on solar power or generators to provide electricity. We run on solar so please leave your hair driers, coffee makers and electric toaster at home.

However to make your stay at our accommodations comfortable we have 24-hour power sourced from solar panels with back-up generator.

However, we would really appreciate your awareness while you are here:

  • Turn off lights and all appliances if you are not in the room

  • If you need to blow dry hair, please ask to have the generator turned on

  • There is no toaster – please use the grill on the gas stove


Charging your devices is perfectly fine

Phone Reception

Vodafone and 2 degrees usually have good reception in Fitzroy House. Spark reception is patchy though can be clear at the Fitzroy shops. Alternatively, you can ask to use the office landline. There is no Spark coverage

Internet Services

The internet is slow in comparison to the mainland so be prepared to wait or simply turn it off and really enjoy ‘time-out’. The WiFi code for Glenfern guests is ‘Saddleback’. We ask that you use this respectfully. Please NO streaming movies.

Free WIFI is available at Claris airport.


Great Barrier Island refuse goes direct to on-island landfill. PLEASE minimise your waste contributions by:

  • WASH all recyclables, then put them in the blue recycling bin behind the office block immediately behind Fitzroy House (or you can take recyclables home)

  • Put ALL organic waste in the pig buckets.

  • Return ALL fishing related waste (fish frames, crayfish shells, mussel shells etc.) back to the moana (outside the harbour)

  • Put remaining garbage in the rubbish bin for collection.

  • If you have chosen to bring plastic shopping bags please take them home with you.

Kitchen and cooking facilities

There's  fully equipped kitchen including fridge / freezer is provided for your use, if there is anything you need that is not in the kitchen please let us know.

  • Fitzroy House has a standard fridge with a top freezer. The accommodation has a half size fridge freezer. We may have a spare fridge available for extra food. Please just ask :)  

  • We do have a communal washing machine which you are welcome to use on longer stays. We appreciate it if you can bring your own laundry powder.

No reticulated water

Our water is spring fed, filtered  and safe to drink. Please be conservative. In summer it can be dry - so bathe in the sea, under a waterfall and have a quick rinse when you get back to your accommodation.

Linen and towels

Rental of the accommodation is ‘self-contained’. There is no daily servicing of rooms. If you require extra linen, please ask on-site staff. Beach towels are located in the basket in the bathroom for your use but we prefer you don’t take these to the beach so also consider bringing your own beach towels.


The laundry is located in the office block immediately behind Fitzroy House. There is a communal washing machine which you are welcome to use on longer stays. We provide eco-friendly washing powder.

Also please ask for assistance as it can only be used during full sunlight OR when the generator is operating. Please use the clothesline.


In winter please feel free to use the wood heater. There will be a wood supply for you in the back porch area. Let staff know if you need a top up during your stay.


Cleaning equipment is located in the cupboard under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Please be a tidy kiwi and leave the cottage as you found it (unless you have paid for a cleaner). There is a vacuum cleaner available, just let us know when you need it as the generator needs to be running.

Please treat your accommodation as you would your own home. Leave in a good, tidy state or an additional $60 cleaning charge will apply.


Check out is 10 am unless arranged otherwise. You are welcome to use the grounds and public facilities at the sanctuary until your departure. 

Please note: No pets are allowed within the Sanctuary no matter how small or well behaved. We put a lot of effort into protecting our native taonga and it is not worth the risk. Also due to traps and occasionally poison baits being used in the Sanctuary there could be a risk to pets.

Services at Port Fitzroy

What to bring and supplies

There are no large supermarkets. It pays to bring the bulk of your food along with you.

Local stores are in Tryphena, Claris, and Port Fitzroy  (4 square equivalent) They can provide you with most of what you need but be aware supplies can disappear fast during peak times.


For longer stays you can order countdown delivery (this can however be troublesome and costly): For instructions on how to do this click here………

Port Fitzroy Store (09 4290 056) is a general convenience store a 10 minute walk away. It has a wide selection of groceries including fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and milk. These supplies arrive daily but do disappear quickly during the summer season. Opening hours are usually 9-5 Monday to Sat, but during the peak summer period the hours are usually 8-5, 7 days a week.


Ice, bait and fuel can be purchased at Fitzroy Wharf.


Glenfern Sanctuary does not offer catering but check out the local businesses that do.

Click here


There are no Banks on the island but there is an ATM located in the General stores supermarket (New Zealand banks only).  Some businesses only accept cash but many now have EFTPOS facilities and accept major credit cards.

It pays to remember that shop hours at Port Fitzroy can vary depending on the time of year, check the ‘Dining Out’ guide to check what’s open when.


The Fuel Station is located at Port Fitzroy Wharf. It is open between 9am and 12pm but not all days all year round. If you are desperate and are willing to pay a call out fee, phone 09 4290 147

Post Office

The Port Fitzroy Store provides postal services. The next closest postal centre is at Claris.


The white double storey building opposite the Port Fitzroy Store belongs to Aotea Health Service. The centre is serviced by a doctor once a week and a nurse most days. Phone 09 4290047. The main medical centre (09 4290 356) and chemist (09 4290 006) is located at Claris.

For services beyond Port Fitzroy see


Please make use of the Sanctuary’s Fitzroy Wharf for swimming, relaxing and fishing. There is storage available in the boat shed at the wharf for dive tanks and other marine gear. If you are using the wharf for loading/unloading your boat please be aware of others’ using the area. Please ask first about leaving the boat tied to the wharf for extended periods, as we can usually arrange a mooring, however booking is essential during busier months.

Activities at Glenfern Sanctuary
Activities at Glenfern Sanctuary


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