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Artist in Residence Chris McDowall - watch his story "Mapping Glenfern"

As part of a Regional Parks programme the Council offers a residency to an artist to create work on and about a regional park. The artist lives in and works on the park for two months – and in 2020 Glenfern Sanctuary was nominated and chosen for Chris McDowall to be artist in residence. He lived here from October- November.

Chris McDowall is a cartographer /map maker. He visualises aspects of our cultural and natural history. (See his Ockham award winning book We are here). Chris walked the loop track more than most and analysed every small and wonderful detail Glenfern has to offer. He even engaged a group of Okiwi school students to help him depict how the younger (matariki) generation see our New Zealand native bush.

Now we can enjoy seeing Glenfern through Chris’s eyes: Mapping Glenfern the mini documentary made about Chris and his residency - you can see it here - click on this link to watch.

Thank you for the management of the programme from Michelle Edge Artist in Residence Co-ordinator/ Interpretation Advisor, ARC.


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