Get Off-Grid & Restore Peace-of-Mind

What does getting “Off-Grid” mean, and why do it?

In these uncertain times, when the world is in turmoil, getting "off-grid" might be just the tonic some of us need. Step back from the madness, the craziness, forget about the outside world for a while. Relax. Rejuvenate. Rebalance. But what does Getting Off Grid mean? For some, it means “not connected to the main electricity supply”. For others, it means “not connected to any of the main utilities (electricity, gas, water) and having your own power and water supply”. And for still others, it’s all about “cutting off all contact with the outside” world so one can have time alone – by themselves or within a group – as in: “you can’t get in contact with them. They’re Off-Grid”.

While we value all three definitions, number three is our favourite. The good news is, on Great Barrier you can do all three with really even trying because the Barrier is off-grid in the sense of the second definition (just turn off that mobile phone and put it in a draw!).

Improve your well-being

With work, noise, pollution, crowds, traffic, advertising and intrusive technology, we all know modern life can be a sensory overload. At times, it can seem overwhelming – and too much is not good for our mental and emotional well-being. That’s when we need to step back and return to a sense of inner balance.

Research shows going off-grid, even for a brief break, has the power to improve mental health by restoring the real sense of freedom, empowerment and purpose many of us seem to lack today. Living off-grid also involves spending plenty of time outdoors in nature, which has been proven to boost our well-being.

Enjoy life at a slower pace

When you go off-grid, there's always time for quiet contemplation and connection with your inner self. Life off-grid runs at a slower pace. It requires thoughtfulness and patience. You simply focus on the current task at hand and make sure you take the time and care to get it done right. In turn, your mind tunes out chaotic or unhelpful thoughts and mental balance and health is restored.

The best little sanctuary in the world

Great Barrier Island’s Glenfern is completely off-grid. Like many properties on Great Barrier, the water supply is collected rainfall. Electricity is generated by solar panels. Also, Glenfern is affectionately known as the best little sanctuary in the world, giving guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature just by stepping out the front door. Guests stay in their choice of two beautifully restored historic homesteads: Fitzroy House or Glenfern Cottage.

8 “Off-Grid” things to do at Glenfern

From the moment you enter this idyllic estate, the relaxation process begins. Here are 8 of our favourite off-grid things to do why you stay at Glenfern:

1. Unwind on your private balcony, breathe deeply and take in the views of the native bush and Port Fitzroy

2. Complete the 2km Glenfern loop track that takes you along the Aotea stream, through regenerating bush where tui, kereru, kaka parrots, black petrel and brown teal reside

3. Immerse yourself in a book you’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t had the time.

4. Enjoy incredible views of the Hauraki Gulf across Hauturu (Little Barrier), the Hen and Chicks and the mainland.

5. Stroll down to the jetty to sit by the water, letting your mind wander

6. Take the plunge and take an invigorating dip in the sea

7. Stroll to sunset rock for stunning 360-degree views of Port Fitzroy Harbour

8. Do some star-gazing and marvel at the cosmos (Aotea/Great Barrier Island is the first island in the world to receive International Dark Sky Sanctuary status).

Come and get off-grid at Glenfern

So what are you waiting for? Come and get off-grid at Glenfern Sanctuary, step out of the rat race, unwind, connect with nature and re-balance. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it.


NOTE: All income from Fitzroy House and Glenfern Cottage goes towards the management of Glenfern Sanctuary, helping to protect our precious and endangered native species.